Route 66 (Kingman >> Seligman)

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From Kingman to Seligman, the Route 66 goes through the scenic view that remains strong good old days of America.
Though, this is not the place that can be seen the amazing sights just like huge desert, or strange shaped mountains.
(Even if I say so, you will be able to see them much more larger than in Japan.)
It might be trivial if only you request such the one.
I dare say, this is the American fragship country road no more and no less.

Even if I say so, this is the place that universal West-American landscape remains in my mind as good memories without protest.
I remember the time when I bought a car and drove it at first.
Wherever I went, I was able to have felt deep emotion.
As I go on the Route 66, I'm going to look back on these old my memories.
This must be the road that I pass for the first time, but I can feel nostalgic for some reason.
This road seems to have a magic to recall someone's past so sweetly unconsciously.
Or could it be that, because... Was I enveloped in the brand of Route 66 ?

I am a-travellin' on the land of America now.
Just like my favorite Bob Dylan, and Woody Guthrie had once did.
It's a great happiness to follow their tracks and footsteps.

Fortunately I could go back to my country without any accident and bad scene finally.
It might be thanks to a car that I rent, or maybe the man above the clouds.
I have already returned to my everyday life now, working for a company, spending time to my hobby.
But I can not enthuse them that I've used to do it yet.
Maybe I left half of my mind just around here.

Here is Peach Springs, a native American's small town.
I could see many BNSF's freights till Kingman. But not so around here.

You can run at the speed about 65 mile where get through the land far from the town, though it does not a highway.
But you have to reduce the speed in this side that enters town, e.c. at 25 mile.
At every time I did it, I always run over confirming where here is with a map in my hand.
And always imagined... or scrutinized that how many people live in, what kind of town is here and all that, while passing the town.

I go straight to the vast land on.
The atmosphere the point of route 66 may be the grassfield, not the wasteland so far.
'In dreams I run wildly, Over a withered moor', it might be a frame of mind like Basho Matsuo*1.
I'm going to be lost in thought.

We will arrive at Seligman for about two hours.
Anyway, route 66 and small towns like here must have the healing power of person's mind.
Japanese words on map >> There seems to be many methods of description about Route 66.
*1 Basho Matsuo >> A 'Haiku' Poet in 1644-1694. He made many works on his lifetime, often on the way of his journey.

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