Grand Canyon National Park (Part1)

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I say goodbye to Route 66 at Seligman, then go on the I-40 get through the forest land to Williams.
It's just like this. Just like a scenery where on the highway in Japan.
It might be slightly a dull point for the men always looking for a off-center sights.

When I arrived at Williams, the gate city of Grand Canyon, the weather has changed for the worse a little.
Shoot... Will Grand Canyon be such weather ?
I don't wanna see the sights blinded by all over the mist.
Please... please clear up., because I rarely comes.

When I visited small country towns, I used to go shopping in supermarket.
To save the expensive food cost at restaurants in tourist spot and around the city, I have bought daily dishes and bread at such supermarkets as much as possible.
But, all the articles, groceries, sold in markets in the U.S.A, are all pretty huge.
A sandwich is made by whole a French loaf by default, not a half. That hang heavy on my hands, I can't buy it.
The meats, are perhaps cut only a few time from the whole body of calf and are packed and sold universally.
The ice creams, are only sold by large-sized cup, the small-sized one sold commonly in Japan can never be seen in here.

For the Japanese traveller like me, it's almost impossible to clear plates sold in supermarkets.
The things comes like that, it comes the second matter what I wanna eat, or what looks delicious.
At every time I saw groceries that manage to stmach it by myself in a day, I used to choose them without any questions.
Not only these groceries, but also shopping carts are twice more larger than Japannese ones.
Americans pick up and handle them in both hands, then keep on shopping.
How amazing the American's buying are !
We not American tourists should go to deli or pharmacy like CVS that daily dishes are sold at small sum, better than supermarkets.

This is a tale, certain affair at a supermarket in some small town.
When I managed to pick out groceries of moderate quantities, then I went to a cashier that not so many people stood in line, there were a family of Indians in front of me.
Their way of buying, were supercalifragilisticexpialidocious sights to my eyes.
I wonder, could they be going to purchase almost the third part of merchandices in this store ?
They all hurry down to a cashier with their both hands shopping carts full.
They purchase all the things with blood in their eyes.
They purchase them up like the devil... up like avenge their father's death.
Why do you do that what in the world ? What is the reason drive you into such a situation ?
R U the best customer here ? So I can't check out for eternity ! Fu*(beep sounds) !!
...Well, terribly sorry. So I forgot to skid to the next cashier, and have watched their way of shopping with murmuring aloud for 30 minutes.

At last, at the time this family's terrible shopping seems to become ending, the kid came along his both hands with big cement bags and said to his father, 'Pick them up too, Pa'.
I made a guess them as 'Cat sandbox'. I thought that people will not buy cements at supermarket.
But the jackets, are drawn the picture of 'Gorilla' for whatever reason. He seems to eat something like flakes deliciously.
Oh, isit cereal ?.... cornflakes ?..... I can't believe in my eyes. What a huge in the U.S.A !
I finally understood why we lost WW2. We can't take on American again, maybe.

I wrapped up savage shopping and go on AZ-64(US-180 shared uses on the way) northward about 60 mile from Williams. In about 1 hour, we will soon arrive at Grand Canyon.
Fortunately the cloud has been decreasing gradually. The weather will get better.
By the way, the road keeps straight on and low-sloped disarmingly, although it ends at big divide.
As the altitude rises, vagetation changes from bushes to forest in reverse mysteriously.
Gradually I can see the mountain that submarine-shaped and called 'Red Butte' in front on the right side.

One shot on the Red Butte.
Hmmmm... Hillside is Red. That's why the name come from.
Although we can get any images through internet, there are many places where we can't imagine the atmonphere without visiting there yet.
We don't want to go where we don't know.
After passing through the base of this mountain and the town of Tusayan, the Grand Canyon suddenly appears in our eyes.

At last I entered the National Park's gate, after a short time, AZ-64 curves in front of cliff.
When you get out car there, this marvelous view flies direct into your eyes.
There are absolutely not one atmosphere of Canyon on the way along AZ-64.
So suddenly appear like that, I'm confused too much.
It's just like a sex, without foreplay.
I'm still losing my sense of reality, though I come to here really.

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