Route 66 (Needles >> Kingman)

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Leave Needles early morning and go I-40 straight to Kingman.
American truckers seems to be early riser too.
However, How large the 'Convoys' passing by are !
And the shapes of them are almost the same each other.
They have long-nose, and the mufflers are shaped like chimney, and get up to the roof.
This might be the certain style from the Steven Spiellberg's 'Duel' at least.

The mountains looks like needles because their shapes are as sharp as needles.
Therefore, this ville might have been called 'Needles'.

When we cruise along the highway at long times, we can prevent the right foot fatigue by setting the 'Cruise control'.
This cruise control, have an another important reason to exist.
This is the ultimate system to keep the traffic in line.
In the time uninterrupted traffic flow, there are more people set cruise control than I thought.
They always set it and cruise at the speed that easy-to-follw. For example, 75 mile on the right lane, 80 mile on the thru lane, at the speed limit 70 zone.
There are silent assumption or a kind of order on the highway. Everyone don't break the limits.
Beside that, when the time I didn't set it, I was overstrided not once or twice for some reason, though I thought I am keeping the line.
Maybe at the time, they thought me how a restless chamereon-speed fellow.

notice: I don't mean to recommend you and justify the over-speed just in case.

I arrived at Arizona state just now. Here is only a 'Rest area'. It's unusual for the United States.
I took a rest and watched the sign, described that 'Poisonaus snakes and Insects inhabit the area'.
Oh, it's mysterious that such lives are if not around here all over the shrubs.
There was a track that seems to be a sidewinder creeps under my feet.
I desided to leave here unhesitatingly.

I mistook this place for Kingman, then went down the ramp from I-40. Here is McConico.
I had a breakfast here in diner for the truckers exclusive use.
The breakfast, with huge omelet made by about three eggs, five slices of well-done bacon, a mountain of mashed-potato, and a burrito 1.5 times amount of Japanese Seven-Eleven's one.
This breakfast may have totally 3 times amount of one at cafe in Nagoya*1. I felt dizzy.
I managed to eat up them and watched the vigorous convoys and think what I listen to next at car-stereo.
In this case, there are no selections but start and hear the 'Legs' on ZZ TOP, popular among Southwest truckers, just like 'Aki Yashiro*2' in Japan.

The small pass gives me a good vibration.
The Route 66 lay me out many faces, for instance it's the desert yesterday.
The town of Kingman is soon beyond this pass.

I was able to see many 'HISTORIC ROUTE 66' signs here all around in Kingman too.
They each other look so charming that for no reason, I don't get tired to see them many a time.
I can't help wanting all of the articles that printed the sign, for example a license plate, mini car, bag, wallet, key ring etc... whatever their how to uses are.
This is a sort of 'Brand strategy' just like the Tiffany or Louis Vuitton.

There is a museum of wonderful route 66 in this town.
If you are interested in the history of motor-culture in United States, please visit here.
You will surely understand why the Route 66 was called 'The Mother of The Road'.

This is one picture from the museum.
According to John Steinbeck's 'The Grapes of Wrath', once upon a time, there was the heavy dry weather and dust storm attacked Oklahoma. And to complete the misery, the farmers who lived there were driven out their ground by the bank as the guarantee for a loan. and had to been driven to the new land California searching for a new job.
The Route 66 was indeed the 'American Glory Road', but at the same time, this was the road of Reality bites and Trail of Tears, for the men who had passed there at that time.
But now, these all memories have changed into photographs in sweet old sepia-color.
Japanese words on map >> Truth is...from Needles to Kingman, the Route 66 pass through Oatman in the mountain.

*1 Nagoya >> The 3rd largest city in Japan, have particular food culture and EXPO 2005 Aichi Japan was held till lately.(since March 25 through September 25 2005).
*2 Aki Yashiro >> The famous female 'Enka' singer in Japan, also loved among truckers, fishermen, and bar proprientresses in Japan. 'Enka' means mainly soul'n'mournful Japanese ballads.

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