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After going on the route 66 for a while, this road merges onto the I-40.
As I approach the town from the wild land, the huge billboards appears constantly at even intervals on the road shoulder.
This is the certain pattern of entrance of country town in U.S.A.
In Japan, it may be like this, Rural site > Second-hand car dealer > Family restaurant > Midtown.
Anyway, I can find green fields just like oasis and finally feel someone living over there.
We will soon arrive at Needles stay tonight.

The country towns in the United States would be near the relation of Japanese toll highway rest area.
I receiced the impression that rest area changes directry into a town.
When you down the highway, you may see first of all gas stations, fast-food restaurants, motels for travellers.
Then, residence of local inhabitants can be seen on surroundings.
It seems to me, the country towns exists for the men who passing the highway, not for the lives here.

I can find many 'Motels' stud on each small towns along the highway.
Curiously they are built on odd parts casually. I wonder if they were on outcountry in Japan, they would be closed down sooner or later at a week.
But actually, the major franchised chains, like Best Western, Holiday Inn Express, Travelodge, Days-Inn, Comfort-Inn are open and compete against each other on such places.
When I see such the spectacles, I can't help recognizing the American motorized society is quite different from the Japanese one.
The spaces between the towns are extremely away in this land.
It is dangerous because there is no streetlight when running in the highway at night.
Therefore, the motel would became a necessary, indispensable component in the United States.
Finally I could understand the part of motorcar culture in United States from the car window.

When I stay in motel, I often choosed the major chain ones.
Staying independent motels would come cheap, but sometimes it tend to the risky job.
Actually I tried to stay this class at Kanab in Utah. It was certainly low price. Only 30 dollars.
But it was the jerry-built-house, I was hard to get the key locked, and could not get any cool water in bathtub. I regretted a little.
Well, I don't think every independents are like that. You will have a bingo occasionally.
In such a motel, there are many cars parking in fromt of each rooms.
The interior of the automotive society in the United States is deep.

Anyway, I can feel relieved when I'm in the 'Safety Zone' in locked motel room.
It's the blissful moment that making the plans for the next day, watching TV, news on CNN , sports on ESPN, music on MTV, and cartoon on 'The Simpsons'.
Japanese words on map >> The signboards of chain motels which can be seen well in U.S.A.

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