Grand Canyon National Park (Part 2)

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Here is vista at Kolb Studio near the Bright Angel Lodge.
Grand Canyon have many scenic overlook points.
But you can enjoy them wherever you're along on the Rim Trail.

I am a camera beginner. But such as I can give you only one advice.
You should shoot the contrast of 'Sunshine and Shade'.
If you forget it, your camera will soon be filled with like these flat photographs.
If you take care this point, you all will be the professional photographer in here.

This is the textbook example of 'Sunshine and Shade'.
It may get better if I took horizontal level much more.
Here is near the Yavapai Point, where looking on the Bright Angel Canyon cracking just like the 'Moses's Miracle'.

One shot from the vista of Bright Angel Lodge.
As may be expected of the worldwide sightseeing spot, not only Americans but also various nations coming from all over the world are there.
Of course, Japanese like me, who are using consecutive Bon holidays*1 in August travelling are also exist.
But I'm more curious about Americans than us. Much more to the 'American Families'.
I can see the scene that daddy and his kid communicate each other very well here, I guess they are not so in their ordinary life. Maybe he respects daddy 'cool' for the very first time. Anyway, it may be the pleasant scene.
I wanna talk to him, 'You should pay attention to what your daddy say at anytime, and slim.'
However, visiting such a wonderfull place with myself is more deeper problem than pay mind to their own business.

I go walk along the Rim Trail to the 'Hopi Point' that famous spot for the beautiful setting sun.
Here is the starting point of the 'Bright Angel Trail' on the way.
This is the trail that can descend to the bottom of the valley below where exposes stratum of Precambrian era, the Earth Genesis.
To descend there, it's too hard to take a side trip on stay only one night, I gave up.

One shot looking down the 'Bright Angel Trail'.
The vertical interval is terrific. It'll be the hard trail more than I can imagine.

One shot of Grand Canyon, illuminated by the setting sun, at near the 'Hopi Point'.

Why do I come to such a place alone at all :'( ?

The sun sets into the Kaibab National Forest the opposite side of cliff.
The vegetation is thick, all over the woods.

And this is the rising sun, next morning at the 'Mather Point'.
This must be a experience of reborn, maybe.
I can feel mysterious aura in the air, maybe.

At the same Mather Point.
The sun rises and illuminate the majestic land gradually.
What a wonderful world... I can't find the word any more.

I had stayed here about one hour from dawn.
However, keeping on seeing such a scenery long time at the same spot will tire me even if it's a uniquity and exellent one. This is NG.
So let's move on to next point !

Then moving eastward by vehicle, here is Desert View.
The Colorado River can be seen clearly. This is one of the feature of this point.

This is the 'Watchtower' in Desert View.
I am a fan of Bob Dylan. So I can't help recalling 'All Along The Watchtower' at any rate.
The inside is a mere souvenir shop although it might be the building rich in legend.

On the right side over the canyon, I can see the flat-topped mountain and vast plateau.
From Desert View, we will soon go through the Native American's land.

*1 Bon holidays >> Japanese usually take a leave of absence about a week or less in mid August. From ancient days to now, we greet and worship our ancestor in called 'Bon' season.
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