Monument Valley (Part 2)

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Suddenly an extraordinary object came out on the Native American's sacred land where the horizon continues.
I never thought the railway goes through such the place at all.
And that, this track runs alongside US-160 for about 20 miles ahead.
I can't think here is the transportation hub and have many passengers to ride.
At first, I thought this must be the Transportation Technology Center in Pueblo where the Japanese 'Gauge-changeable Train' had tried running test, but apparently it seems not so because freight trains are seen here.
What a mysterious line ! But finally it had turned out this is a track called 'Black Mesa & Lake Powell Rail Road' carries coals from Black Mesa mine near Kayenta to Navajo Generating Station at Page, near Lake Powell.
Thank you for 2ch*1'er who had fed up the information.

For a change in the U.S.A, this track have been installed electrical appliances. 4-janneyed electorical-locomotives tow the long frights.
The 2nd and 4th car seems to have the driver's cab only the one side. Indeed it seems to be the United States locomotives.
Why they equip electric at such the desolated land ? Perhaps because they can gain the electrical power from their generating station all for free.
I am slightly a railroad buff, but felt unromantic and mismatch in such a holy land.

The railroad ends at the coal quarry, and then we ride across the small pass.
Well, we are already in the Native American's reservation area in Arizona State.
The traveller like me have to pay attention to the 'Time-Zone difference' between States, Areas, or utilize (or not) Daylight Saving Time, if you don't like it even if this is a troublesome problem
So I decided to describe the 'Quick reference' and 'Causionary statement' below.
State Principal towns Time-Zone DST time TD
Carifornia LA, Needles PST on 8:00 0
Arizona Kingman, Page MST off 8:00 0
Arizona (Indian reservation) Monument Valley MST on 9:00 +1h
Utah Bryce Canyon, Zion N.P. MST on 9:00 +1h
Nevada Las Vegas PST on 8:00 0
* DST : Daylight Saving Time, TD : Time Difference
* This chart are applied only PST and MST Zone & in DST season.

To sum up, You have to count one more hour where you're in the Monument Valley, Bryce Canyon, or Zion N.P. when the DST season (from 1st week of April to the last week of October).
Notice : Page,Arizona does not the indian's reservation, so here we go back to past one hour, take care of it !

When you across the pass, you'll see interesting shapes of plateau, just like a teeth of a saw.
Horizontal continuous geological formation are seemed to breaking off and sinking into under the ground here in our eyes.
Once upon a time, there would had been a extreme tectonic at the very dawn of time.

Here is already near the town of Kayenta.
Buttes and Mesas far away can be seen any time now.
These are not the Monument Valley at all, but we have been gradually approaching there.

We take a short rest at Kayenta before we get to the destination.
But the town of Kayenta is more bigger city than I thought unexpectedly, equipped with McDonalds, Burger King, supermarkets, and franchised motels and so on.
This town looks large relatively because there are few town in the circumference.
We go on US-163 here, to the Monument Valley now.
Japanese words on map >> (BNSF & UP's) main line
(under) The 1st & 3rd electrical locomotives on upper pic seem to have moved from Mexico. The electrification seems not to have succeeded well there.

*1 2ch >> The biggest bulletin board Japan. This is the introductory essay. ''' take any topics you like, ranging from "Hacking" to "Find some sweets for your lonesome nights'.

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