Leaving LA (to Cajon Pass)

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It's time to leaving L.A. & we're going to start the trip to American west 'Grand Circle' now.
'Huhh... I feel quite fine today..' After murmuring like Prison Master Wiggle*1. Here we go !

This is the Staples Center on the right side. The home field of Los Angeles Lakers.
The surrounding of Holiday Inn L.A. Downtown that I stayed was the atmosphere I don't want to walk alone at night.

At first, I go eastward straight on San Bernardino Frwy (I-10).
After passing Downtown, you may move from city center to suburbs all too easily.
Some people will say, L.A. is the immense metropolis, I also think so.
But when you look out of car window, you'll find there are many empty spaces among towns in L.A.
So along the San Bernardino Frwy looks somewhat bare, but you don't mind it because the fantastic voyage is coming soon.

On the way of I-10, after passing through the outlet in Ontario, and then head the car for I-15 the 'corridor' to Las Vegas, The towns of L.A. ends here at last.
There was anything in Los Angeles, but I often felt that this city lacks something one.
What's the one ? I throught about it over and over with driving under the blue sky and when I reached this place, I could finally find the answer at last. 'There are no river.'
Why doesn't L.A. such a big city have not a decent river ? Why don't suffer from water shortage ?
I can't help wondering, how can L.A. get head of water though surrownded by desert.

I'm on the edge of greater L.A. area and trying to get over the Cajon pass now.
Here is also a worth place to visit for 'trainspottings'.
When you down the freeway at the ramp the gas station seen on both sides, you'll see the massive Burlington Northern Santa-Fe (BNSF) Railway's diesel locomotives carrying long-drew-up freights and attacks to climb the pass on the west-side of foothill.

Long train Runnnnnnnnn--------- :-D :-) :-O :-@ :-> -----------------in' !!!
This is the BNSF 4-janneyed locomotives. What a vigorous ! This can be seen only in U.S.A. ! can't in Japan.
And there are many traffics more than I thought. Other trains will come out on every 10 minutes.
Why don't you install electrical appliances for efficiency and environment ?
But it seems too late to set up the overhead wires, the containers are already all duplex...
Don't sprinkle wasted oil any more and approve ratification of Kyoto Protocol*2 soon ! I wanna say so.
But, This is the American way of styles. Ironically, It's cool to the eyes.

@open another window
The '1 mile' freights both north and south tracks, with all 'Double-stacked'.
Woops, incredible. I can't follow it anymore....
'The material supply is the justice'. This is America. Ain't it the truth ?
*1 Prison Master Wiggle>> A heel character in 'Hokuto No Ken (Fist of the North Star)'.
*2 Kyoto Protocol>> Protocol adopted at the Kyoto conference on prevention of grobal warming in 1997. By the way, Kyoto is famous sightseeing city in Japan, with many Buddhist temples, or Shrines. See the link to get in-depth data & cute Geisya-Girls.

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