Departure (Tokyo to LAX)

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At first of my journey, I am at Tokyo International airport, getting on board the flight No. UA-890 bound for Los Angeles now.
I choosed this ship to go because this is a U.S. national flag career, though there were more cheaper one.
I get excited to the adventure that will start soon, but at the same time, I feel uneasiness too.
Do I going to do more than I can do? Can I come back alive really?

Leaving New Tokyo Int'l airport now. It's not possible to go back any longer.
I think I am accustomed to take an airplane, but overseas flights are not so.
The reasons may that, Boeing 747 is equipped with winglets, or long distance flight continues.
I often take a windowside-seat to see scenery, though I take a lavatory a little bit more than others

After one night over, I was not able to sleep so much at last by getting excited.
Here is already the United States.
This ship lands at continent near Salinas where J.Steinbeck was born or Monterey a little southside of San Francisco.

However, the scenery seen from the sky are only desert, bald mountains, or dry rivers.
I guess there are not many lives here but a little bit of bushes, looks like low-height trees.
At this time, I can actually feel that I came to the land quite different from the climate in Japan.
In addition, Strange objects can be seen too. What's that mystically geometrical patterned squares?
Perhaps these are fallow lands, looks mysterious like 'The Lines and Geoglyphs of Nazca'.
Being able to see such the unusual one is an amusement of 'Window-side-watcher'.

Sometimes extensive agricultural farm appears on such a desert.
Perhaps, This is the true colors of 'Square' that seen a little before.
Americans forcibly changes the badlands into greenlands.
When I see such a huge farm which have the geometrical pattern shaped rectangle or circre, I feel the United States national power.

You can see such the one. This is a 'Drylake'.
Sightseeing from window-seat is more interesting, than playing GameBoy in aisle-seat.

The ship has descended to the low altitude. The scenery has been gradually becoming clear.
Here is somewhere in the L.A. suburbs. The shapes of streets are quite different from Japan.
The 'High societys' may lives in this island looks like 'HUIS TEN BOSCH'*1.
At about five another minutes, LAX will be seen in my eyes.

Soon we'll be landing.
The ship flys toward against the wind and took the final LAX approach position.

Now we touch-downed at LAX.
After reduceing speeds on a runway, the ship run off to a taxi-way.
Outside of window, I see only airliners, Southwest or AmericaWest, which can't be seen in Japan.
At last, I'm now on the United States. Here is already foreign country.
I can't go back, can't go back. I have to keep myself safe here from now....
Japanese words on map >> Airline careers which can't be seen in Japan

*1 HUIS TEN BOSCH >>The Vacation spot that was buit and modeled on the towns of Netherlands in the 17's century, located in Nagasaki pref Japan.

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